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Our founder and chairman, Mr. Robert Tsai, has gone through many tough times in his life, and it is his determination that helped him tackle and overcome all the challenges.


Born as a miner’s son, Mr. Tsai managed to complete a master’s degree in education in the USA in spite of all the financial difficulties along the way. Subsequent to his extraordinary success in the insurance industry, he established our foundation in 2003 to help underprivileged young people become more positive and determined. In 2009, he was diagnosed with terminal multiple myeloma, but he made an amazing recovery from the disease after fighting against it for 10 years, and he has attributed his recovery to both proper medical treatment and his Zen practice.


As his life motto says, “Everything is created by the mind.” Mr. Tsai is now devoted to the promotion of Zen to motivate everyone in need to keep fighting for life.