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  • Love & Hope Scholarship

    Love & Hope Scholarship

    Our foundation is the only organization in Taiwan to award scholarships to young people in children’s homes with no spending limits. We would like underprivileged young people to know there is always someone who cares about them, and we give them both financial and moral support for their education. In 2019, our Chairman Education Award was established to keep underprivileged young people optimistic and motivated in facing difficulties in life.

  • Henry Chang Scholarship for Young Cancer Fighters

    Henry Chang Scholarship for Young Cancer Fighters

    After standing by her second son, Henry Chang, throughout his fight against colorectal cancer, our director, Ms. Jennifer Chang, established Henry Chang Scholarship for Young Cancer Fighters with the full amount of the insurance claim payment (NTD1,000,000) after her son’s death at the age of 20, hoping to assist young cancer fighters with their medical treatment. While this scholarship has reduced the financial burden on young cancer patients and their family to some degree, we have helped these young people share their personal cancer stories to inspire more people who are also fighting against cancer and other serious diseases.

  • Zen Meditation Camps for Children

    Zen Meditation Camps for Children

    In recognition of the great importance of childhood education, we organize 3-day Zen meditation camps for young people, especially those in children’s homes, in summer and winter vacations in order to develop their gratefulness, respectfulness, compassion, and wisdom. Our founder, Mr. Robert Tsai, hopes that young people’s participation in our Zen meditation camps will not only give them a wonderful experience of Zen but eventually make Zen a part of their life.

  • Education Support Schemes and Vocational Training

    Education Support Schemes and Vocational Training

    In collaboration with other organizations and individuals devoted to charity, we have organized a number of education support schemes, including an international exchange program, to encourage young people to develop their talents and realize their dreams. Grants are awarded to young people in children’s homes as well as those who have grown up and thus moved out of children’s homes to prevent them from giving up their education just because of financial difficulties. Since 2022, efforts have been made to make vocational training available and accessible to young people formerly in children’s homes for better job prospects.

  • Care for Cancer Patients

    Care for Cancer Patients

    Our founder, Mr. Robert Tsai, was once a cancer patient. He learned from his personal experience that, in addition to receiving medical treatment of their physical illness, cancer patients need a change in their attitude toward life to become mentally strong. Mr. Tsai considers it one of his missions to share with other cancer patients how he survived cancer, and he has offered 100,000 free copies of the two books on his relevant experience to cancer patients and their family.

  • Motivational Speeches and Social Care

    Motivational Speeches and Social Care

    To promote gratefulness and purification of the mind, our founder, Mr. Robert Tsai, has given motivational speeches at schools, businesses, children’s homes, centers for the disabled, and prisons all over Taiwan. Mr. Tsai’s personal cancer stories, in which he won the fight against cancer, have helped many of his listeners understand better how they can face and overcome their own challenges in life if they stay positive and never give up.

  • Zen Meditation

    Zen Meditation

    Zen is a good way for us to talk to, get to know, and then improve ourselves. Zen helps us purify our mind and makes us healthier and wiser. Since our Zen Meditation Center was opened in May 2018 after Mr. Robert Tsai, our chairman, donated the only building under his name to our foundation, we have held both 3-day Zen meditation camps in summer and winter vacations for young people in children’s homes. On the second Saturday of every month, a Zen meditation day is held for anyone interested in Zen, and we can be reached at (02)2506-1246 to provide you with more information.

  • SOL TV

    SOL TV

    Our YouTube channel, SOL TV (Seed of Love TV), was started in December 2017 by our founder, Mr. Robert Tsai. Since then, we have produced quality programs to promote the development of gratefulness, respectfulness, compassion, and wisdom for purification of the mind, and we have managed to make our foundation and our missions known to more people.