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Seed of Love Education Foundation was established in May 2003 by Mr. Robert Tsai to promote gratefulness and purification of the mind and motivate people to face and overcome their challenges in life.


Our founder, Mr. Tsai, has visited all the prisons and juvenile detention houses in Taiwan as a motivational speaker. Through his interactions with many juvenile offenders, he learned that lack of education was the main reason for these young people to make wrong friends and then commit crimes. In order to keep young people on the right track and help them make their dreams come true, Mr. Tsai made determined efforts to establish our foundation. He has taken us to schools, children’s homes, centers for the disabled, and other institutions to visit many young people in need, keep them company, and give them encouragement and guidance.


Since the establishment of our foundation, we have done our best to take care of many underprivileged young people, particularly those in children’s homes, those with disabilities, and those with cancer. To facilitate young people’s pursuit of knowledge and thus broaden their vision, we have organized scholarships, grants, support schemes, an exchange program, and talent competitions. Meanwhile, to develop young people’s respectfulness, compassion, wisdom, and gratefulness, we have held Zen meditation camps in summer and winter vacations, in which young people can learn how to stay grateful with peace of mind. In 2022, we began to help young people formerly in children’s homes receive vocational training before they enter the workforce.


Over the years, many individuals and organizations have worked with us in various ways to strive for the well-being of underprivileged young people. We are truly grateful for their support, which has made us even more determined to help more young people head toward a bright future.


We now have our own YouTube channel, Facebook page, and LINE ID to reach more young people in need and more people willing to offer a helping hand to underprivileged young people.


Our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@soltv5563

Our Facebook Page  https://ssur.cc/XHDSakX

Our LINE ID   kep0232w